A recent analysis of research found, the daily intake of wine to be 2 glasses (300 ml) for men and 1 glass (150 ml) for men. Drinking this average amount of grape white wine is associated with health benefits. Drinking more than that may affect your health.

Most white wines come from white grapes like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Riesling, and the grape skin, seeds are removed before the fermentation process.

Non-Alcoholic White wine: trezee white wine

White wines have polyphenols too, just to a much lesser degree than red wine. Trezee is one of the best non-alcoholic white wines in India, which is mainly used for cooking by making a variety of recipes, desserts, and dishes, or even you can have them as beverages.

Benefits of white wine:

If non-alcoholic white wine is your current choice, then you are going to love its benefits. Though red wine is considered much healthier, White wine is not left behind either. Some of their benefits are,

  • White wine is lower in calories than red wine, drinking in moderate quantity will help in weight loss.
  • Protects against many heart diseases such as arrhythmias, heart attacks, etc.
  • It also contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties that help prevent cancer. In fact, according to a study by the University of Barcelona, white wines may have a higher antioxidant capacity than red wines.

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  • If you are unable to sleep at night, drink a glass of white wine that relaxes and calms the mind and nerves to get good sleep.
  • White wine is beneficial for your lungs, it contains antioxidants that help to maintain lung function, this will improve lung health and prevent any kind of lung disease. Drinking a glass of White wine will reduce the risk of diabetes by 30%.
  • It is also beneficial for bone health, as it contains all the minerals which strengthen the bones and promotes bone density.

Who can have this non-alcoholic wine?

Anybody can take this non-alcoholic wine, there is no age bar. It is suitable for babies, young people, seniors, expecting mothers, fathers, keen sportspeople, and almost everyone. Along with its health benefits, it also allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without the effects of drunkenness.

From babies to older people can have this wine, So don’t wait any longer to try our alcohol-free Trezee wine. If you think of where to buy non-alcoholic red wine? Don’t worry about it, you can purchase it online without any delay

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