Red Wine

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The Red wine is powerful but elegant, incredibly food-friendly, and showcases red and blackberry fruit with a firm core that is wrapped in a layer of sweet spice. As you drink it in, its fruity finish and ripe tannin level slowly unravel themselves on your palate. You’ll enjoy an amazing sweetness that you may not find in other red wines.

With a wonderful deep red color, Red wine is sweet and aromatic made with 100% grapes with no added sugar or preservatives, Trezee Non-alcoholic Red wine is a perfect drink to sparkle your celebration moments.

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The classical red wine is made of the Black Muscat Hamburg grapes from the cumbum valley, the grape city of Tamil Nadu fermented with the French yeast and aged in French oak barrels.

This grape produces light dry red wine which can be used as beverages for cooking, shiny hair growth, glowing skin tone. This Black muscat hamburger originates from England also colloquially known as paneer grapes.

The composition of this red wine is non-alcoholic red wine, tannins, and preservatives. It looks like Cherry-red de-alcoholized wine with high-intensity, strong violet tones. It is a wine that reflects light well, indicating its clarity and demonstrating a clean appearance and it smells like Berries, Tangerine, Black Cherry, Lychee, Plums, Peach.

Food pairing with trezee

  1. Alfredo pasta
  2. Butter chicken
  3. Grilled fishes or chicken
  4. Kabab
  5. Pizza
  6. Scone
  7. Breadsticks
  8. Garlic bread
  9. Spaghetti pasta with basil pesto


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