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India’s No.1
Non-Alcoholic Wine

We are glad to be a part of all your celebrations
with the wine for all your guests
from adults to kids and even the pregnant women.

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Our Social Responsibility

In a culture that is speeding up towards alcoholism, we bring you non alcoholic wines that lets you enjoy the drink without social dilemma. You can now have this in your fridge and need not worry about the children in the house.

trezee grapes

Benefits of

We get our grapes from Cumbum Valley, one of the most renowned places for the best grape-producing vineyards in south India. We handpicked , crushed and fermented the grapes for our natural fresh non-alcoholic wine. Trezee’s innovation in the process helps to make wines affordable, tastier, and non-alcoholic wine.

Speciality of Factory

We ensure that our employees use all kinds of safety measures suggested by the government and the FSSAI to ensure a healthy process.

All equipment, containers, temperature measurements, cold rooms has advanced engineering chosen by wine experts

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Health benefits of White wine

Health benefits of White wine

A recent analysis of research found, the daily intake of wine to be 2 glasses (300 ml) for men and 1 glass (150 ml) for men. Drinking this average amount of grape white wine is associated with health benefits. Drinking more than that may affect your health. Most white wines come from white grapes like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Riesling,…

Is there any substitute for red wine in recipes?

Is there any substitute for red wine in recipes?

Even if you haven’t cooked with wine before, you may have already heard of many dishes that have been prepared with wine. Red wine is a major ingredient in many tasty recipes, where it helps to marinate and tenderize meats to fall-apart excellence but also can serve as the base for a final coat. Yes, there are various flavors of…

Benefits of non-alcoholic red wine

Benefits of non-alcoholic red wine

Did you know that non-alcoholic red wine could be healthy? With enormous proof that moderate intake of non-alcoholic red wine has a lot of advantages. According to research non-alcoholic drinks are very effective at lowering blood pressure in men and protects against cancerous, neurodegenerative illness, and inflammatory. What’s the best non-alcoholic wine? “Certain people think of don’t wanna have alcohol,…

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